Family Matters

My name is Rose and I am ten years old. I have been playing clarinet for four years, and this is my second year in the Werribee Concert Band. I chose to play the clarinet as it’s a nice size …

Vic’s Voice

My name is Victor Cilia. I originally played saxophone at WCB, but when I came back after having a few years off, the band had SO many sax’s – so now I’m learning  the tuba.

I am extremely proud of …

Jen’s Journey

For this year’s annual concert, the Werribee Concert Band Presents: Storytellers – this is my story.

[cue Law & Order “Dum Dum!” sound effect]

Pulling up to rehearsal, the drizzling rain is adding to the coldness I know is there …


The Werribee Concert Band Presents Storytellers!

We will be playing music based on stories such as Moby Dick, The Wizard Of Oz, West Side Story, and many more!

It will be an afternoon of adventure, curiosity and excitement – great …

Blake’s Blog

My name is Blake and I have been playing clarinet in the Werribee Concert Band for almost 6 months.

I study at Mackillop College and I am currently in year 11. I’ve been learning the clarinet at school for about …

Tuba Time

Andrew Dulhunty, Janice Goates & Peter Ross
Andrew Dulhunty, Janice Goates & Peter Ross with our new tuba

For some time now the Werribee Concert Band has realised that its double B-flat tuba was not what it used to be. It was quite old, a bit leaky …

Trivia Night 2019

Our annual Trivia Night will this year be held in conjunction with the Federal Election – on Saturday May 18th.

Again being held at the Central Park Community Centre on Lonsdale Circuit, our trivia nights have become world locally renowned, …

Those Who Rock

Playing at Hamer a Hall would hands down be any musicians dream come true, it isn’t everyday you get to grace the stage – or in our case, the aisles of Hamer Hall standing among thousands of amazing musicians.

Those …

Heroes and Villains Concert Recording – 2018 Major Concert

Listen to our Heroes and Villains concert, recorded live at Werribee Secondary College on 11th August 2018








01 – Gonna Fly Now


02 – Superman


03 – Soul …

The Training Band’s First Major Concert!

This year’s major concert is important because the training band will be performing. This is their first major concert, and I feel personally privileged to be a part of it. I have helped out the training band since its relaunch …

2018 So Far!

What a start the Werribee Concert Band has had to 2018! Our first gig of the year was Melbourne’s famous Moomba Parade. We, for the first time, were in the first few performers of the parade – right up the …

Trivia Night With the Concert in Sight!

Larry had no idea this would end up on the website

Behind the scenes of the trivia night with Larry, our official mascot/clown.

The countdown to this year’s major concert is rounding down faster than we can believe over here at WCB HQ!

With just under two weeks left there’s still …

Training Band – The First Rehearsal

On Thursday the 1st of June we held a come and try night for people interested in our new training band.

The band is going to start from the very beginning – this means that if you have no …

Wimmera Band Group Annual Celebration – 2017

We had the pleasure over the weekend just past to spend time in both Warracknabeal and Stawell. The purpose was two fold: catch-up with some good friends at the Warracknabeal & District Band and also participate in the Wimmera Band …

WCB Celebrates 30 Years – Concert Recording


Listen to our 30th Anniversary concert, recorded live at the Wyndham Cultural Center on 30th July 2016







01 – Grandfather’s Clock


02 – American Riversongs


03 – The Greatest American …

Only a week to go! A reflection on rehearsal

IMG_20160609_204317For me, the first indication that this rehearsal was going to be a big one was when I drove into the car park. It was packed! There were barely any spaces left for me to park in. It seemed that …

The Countdown Continues ….

wynccThis week marks less than a month until our 30th year anniversary concert and all of us over at Werribee Concert Band HQ are awaiting it eagerly and (mostly) nervously. It will culminate months of hard work from the band …

Five weeks to go!

FlyerAs we prepared for rehearsal on Thursday, it started to dawn on a few members that there were only five rehearsals left until our major concert. With that in mind, we decided to sit in at rehearsal and do some …

Six Weeks Left

With 5 weeks to go, practice is more critical than ever. To show how serious we are, Sunday 19th June we held our first marathon 5 hour rehearsal to help the band step up to the next level. Within this …

Major Concert – Rehearsal Thoughts

Mat_ConductingSo last Thursday marked the first real pedal to metal rehearsal for the band’s 30th anniversary major concert. I am incredibly honoured to be conducting the mighty Werribee Concert Band in its 30th year. Being in the band for the …

Peter and the Wolf – Concert Recording

Listen to our concert of Peter and the Wolf and Music From Other Lands.

Recorded live at the Wyndham Cultural Centre on Saturday 4th July 2015.

01 – Waltzing Matilda


02 – Carnival of the Animals


Sunday Rehearsal

On Sunday the 21st of June the band partook in a 5 hour Sunday rehearsal to prepare for the concert.

It was an eye opening day and the extra rehearsal will definitely pay off.
We did a lot of work …

Peter and the Wolf

With last Saturday marking just two weeks until our major concert Peter & the Wolf, things are heating up at Werribee Concert Band HQ. In the weeks leading up to our biggest fundraising event of the year we’ve been madly …

Reflections on a Rehearsal

Rehearsal on Thursday was great. We were able to work on plenty of stuff for our major concert, which seems to be coming up really quickly.

The concert this year is all about Peter and the Wolf, as well as …


14th April

The Werribee Concert Band is very proud to announce that we are participating in the ANZAC Day Parade in Melbourne on the 25th April 2015.

Of course this ANZAC Day holds special significance, being the 100th anniversary of the beginning …

Band Camp 2014!

10th October

On Friday the 26th of August, we all left our homes for the weekend and went down to Torquay.

Once we got to the camp site and we had set up, we all sat in for our first rehearsal at …

A night off with the RAAF band.

Last night (28th of August) the Air Force Band put on a free concert at the Wyndham Cultural Centre.

As it was free, local and was bound to be amazing, we decided to cancel rehearsal and head down to watch.…

Jurassic Park, Frozen and Over-Confident Soloists

Rehearsal last week was great!

Our Musical Director, Mat Taylor, was away due to work commitments so that meant I was in charge of rehearsal. Despite feeling a little bit under the weather and having to step out for some …

Three Weeks To Go!

9th July

With only three weeks to go until From Stage to Screen, the band’s rehearsal on Thursday was intense. I should clarify that it wasn’t a bad type of intensity; it was the type of intensity that encourages people to work …

2014 Committee

On Thursday 13th March the band elected it’s new committee.

There were lots of experienced faces returned and some new ones taking up important positions.

Our long serving President Evan stepped down and he has been replaced by Barb Traynor. …

President’s Report 2014

So another year has come to an end and, for the first time in over a decade, so has my time as President. I can’t remember exactly how long it has been – probably 11 or 12 years.

I’ve not …

Moomba 2014

Wow! it’s the one word which best sums up our involvement with the 2014 Moomba Parade.

It’s a long day, for most members of the band begun their day at 6am, getting ready to catch an early train from Werribee. …

Web Site Redesign

So, it looks like the site redesign is well underway.

“It’s about time” I hear you say? Well, to be honest, I agree totally!