Six Weeks Left

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With 5 weeks to go, practice is more critical than ever. To show how serious we are, Sunday 19th June we held our first marathon 5 hour rehearsal to help the band step up to the next level. Within this time we managed to play the entire repertoire but also focus on some of the more technically difficult pieces of music. The music is really starting to take shape and it’s great to see everyone pitching in, give each other pointers in fixing issues. What better way to celebrate our big happy families’ success than to cook up a BBQ by our amazing Percussion section (may be a little bias). With a total of 60 sausages in bands stomach and many laughs, the day was a successful one and I really appreciate everyone finding time in their busy lives to make it happen.

Thursday 23rd June, Mat Taylor (Musical Director) and myself payed a visit to the Laverton Community Choir to see how they are progressing with the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals and When You Believe from the Prince of Egypt pieces for the concert. After a few run throughs, Mat was able to provide guidance to explain to them what we are hoping to get out of the music. Within an hour, they transformed music to the “Music of the Night”. They were very appreciative of the advice he gave and it is great to see that same values and passions that both the Choir and the band share for the love of music.

Then it was back to Diggers Road Concert Hall to attend the last half of our weekly rehearsal. Reports from many band Members, Corrina Busby (Assistant Musical Director) did a great job directing the band, focusing on ensuring the band has an emotional understanding of the music. The key learnings I got from the night, “Key to success is to work on the fundamentals.” Posture and how you present yourself is so simple but important in playing great music.

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