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My name is Victor Cilia. I originally played saxophone at WCB, but when I came back after having a few years off, the band had SO many sax’s – so now I’m learning  the tuba.

I am extremely proud of the progress I have made in my Tuba playing since coming back to WCB. When I started playing Tuba I could barely play any songs all the way through. I’m extremely grateful to be guided by the other more experienced Tuba players. Every week Andrew patiently helps me and answers my questions. 

I am also the father of Helena, Victor Junior and Rose who also play in the Werribee Concert Band.

Two years ago at the children’s concert, WCB announced they were restarting the training band. Having fond memories from my time with WCB, I thought this was a great opportunity for my younger two children to start learning music. It would also be a good place for my older daughter to continue to develop her skills on alto sax.

With extreme patience and commitment, my wife April has given so much to ensure our children always attend training band rehearsals. Now my children are also playing in the senior band. Making sure my children find enough time to practice to play at a level that is acceptable at times has been challenging – especially trying to compete with YouTube or the X-Box which can be a little frustrating at times.

I am extremely thrilled to be sharing this experience with my children. I couldn’t be prouder and more grateful for the experiences my children have had with WCB. From playing at school fetes, ANZAC Day Concerts at Tarneit Skies Retirement Village, We Will Rock You at Hamer Hall, the Moomba Parade and being on Sunrise – there could not have been a better time for us to join as the opportunities they have had are once in a lifetime. 

At home we have what we call Cilia Band Rehearsal, and the magic that happens during this time when we get it right is extremely rewarding. It is so much fun having different instrumental players under one roof.

It’s no surprise to me, leading up to our major concert, that Helena enjoys the challenge of the music we are learning. Far beyond my expectations, little Vic and Rose play much more of the senior band music than I would even expected of them in such a short time.I would like to give a huge thank you to Mat for trusting in me and allowing the Cilia’s to join the WCB family. Every week the Cilias look forward to the next WCB activity – especially whatever unusual activity Mat will make us do this week to help us play the music right!

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