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We’re back! …….. Again!

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1st July

Well, that was a slightly longer 7 day circuit breaker than we anticipated. Due to the break, we’ve had to push back our 2021 major concert a little. Once we’ve arranged a date we’ll be sure to let all you …

We’re Not Back!

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3rd June


Well that was short lived. Lock Down 4 – With a Vengance has unfortunately dropped, meaning we’re not rehearsing for the week of this new lock down. If anything, we’re fortunate it’s only for one week and because our …

We’re Back!

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4th March


The last time we rehearsed was the 12th of March 2020. It’s been a long and winding road not just for us, but for the world! We are happy that we are finally back TONIGHT at 7PM, rehearsing from …

Instant Concert – Iso Edition

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12th September

Well it seems we’ve been out of action a little longer than we hoped. But it’s all blue skies from here, it’s not like we’ll be locked down for three months with a 9pm curfew!!

The good news is, we’ve …

I Dreamed a Dream – Iso Edition

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21st July

We expect to be back rehearsing real soon – it seems the Victorian Government has this virus thing under control. In the mean time we’ve put together our iso edition of I Dreamed a Dream featuring Shelley Rodrigues.

You Can’t Stop the Beat – Iso Edition

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12th May

This virus thing seems to have slowed us down a little bit. This being the case, we thought we’d give Covid the middle finder and say You Can’t Stop the Beat!

Cooking with the Band

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26th March

Cooking shows proliferate our TV screens. It’s only fair that the Werribee Concert Band adds our take on the genre. We give you Cooking with the Band!

Family Matters

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9th July

My name is Rose and I am ten years old. I have been playing clarinet for four years, and this is my second year in the Werribee Concert Band. I chose to play the clarinet as it’s a nice size …

Vic’s Voice

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6th July

My name is Victor Cilia. I originally played saxophone at WCB, but when I came back after having a few years off, the band had SO many sax’s – so now I’m learning  the tuba.

I am extremely proud of …

Jen’s Journey

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6th July

For this year’s annual concert, the Werribee Concert Band Presents: Storytellers – this is my story.

[cue Law & Order “Dum Dum!” sound effect]

Pulling up to rehearsal, the drizzling rain is adding to the coldness I know is there …