Sunday Rehearsal

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On Sunday the 21st of June the band partook in a 5 hour Sunday rehearsal to prepare for the concert.

It was an eye opening day and the extra rehearsal will definitely pay off.
We did a lot of work on Peter and the Wolf and incorporating the narration and some other surprise bits and pieces into the work, as well as a lot of work on Mars.

I took the upper woodwinds in a sectional to work on the hard, fast bits in Mars. It was really beneficial and now we’ve really nailed those tricky bits. Although we have those bits under wraps, there is still a lot more we can work on as a group.

We took a lunch break and had a sausage sizzle which was cooked by our musical director and the percussion section. Afterwards it was back to rehearsal.

We ran through a few things and I got to play soprano sax for probably the second time in my life. It sounded a bit like a dying seal but I think I’m starting to get the hang of where my embouchure needs to be and how I need to change it to get a good sound.

The closer we get to the concert, the more excited I’m getting. It’s going to be a great night and definitely not one to miss.

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