Those Who Rock

Posted on April 13th, by Holly Silvester in General. Comments Off on Those Who Rock

Playing at Hamer a Hall would hands down be any musicians dream come true, it isn’t everyday you get to grace the stage – or in our case, the aisles of Hamer Hall standing among thousands of amazing musicians.

Those Who Rock, a creative project created by JOF allowed the Werribee Concert Band’s wildest dreams become a reality. Not only was it a night filled with awesome music, large crowds and copious amounts of flannel, but a truly once in a lifetime experience.

We all took advantage of the ‘rockstar’ treatment in our very own dressing room, chilling out before the show and taking advantage of our free time sharing stories and having a laugh. Although every square inch of our dressing room was covered with either instruments or musicians, it didn’t hinder the fun we had acting like we were real rock icons – clearly shown in our altered band attire: now featuring red flannel, fishnets and leather.

Those Who Rock gave all of us the opportunity to play with our community guitarists and put on display a whole new side of our band- We WILL rock you.


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