Training Band – The First Rehearsal

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7th June

On Thursday the 1st of June we held a come and try night for people interested in our new training band.

The band is going to start from the very beginning – this means that if you have no …

Five weeks to go!

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2nd July

FlyerAs we prepared for rehearsal on Thursday, it started to dawn on a few members that there were only five rehearsals left until our major concert. With that in mind, we decided to sit in at rehearsal and do some …

Sunday Rehearsal

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23rd June

On Sunday the 21st of June the band partook in a 5 hour Sunday rehearsal to prepare for the concert.

It was an eye opening day and the extra rehearsal will definitely pay off.
We did a lot of work …

Reflections on a Rehearsal

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21st June

Rehearsal on Thursday was great. We were able to work on plenty of stuff for our major concert, which seems to be coming up really quickly.

The concert this year is all about Peter and the Wolf, as well as …

Band Camp 2014!

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10th October

On Friday the 26th of August, we all left our homes for the weekend and went down to Torquay.

Once we got to the camp site and we had set up, we all sat in for our first rehearsal at …

A night off with the RAAF band.

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29th August

Last night (28th of August) the Air Force Band put on a free concert at the Wyndham Cultural Centre.

As it was free, local and was bound to be amazing, we decided to cancel rehearsal and head down to watch.…

Jurassic Park, Frozen and Over-Confident Soloists

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16th July

Rehearsal last week was great!

Our Musical Director, Mat Taylor, was away due to work commitments so that meant I was in charge of rehearsal. Despite feeling a little bit under the weather and having to step out for some …

Three Weeks To Go!

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9th July

With only three weeks to go until From Stage to Screen, the band’s rehearsal on Thursday was intense. I should clarify that it wasn’t a bad type of intensity; it was the type of intensity that encourages people to work …

Our Next Event
Major Concert 2024

We’re excited to announce our 2024 major concert will be held at 6pm on Saturday 22nd June at Encore Events Centre in Hoppers Crossing....