Player Engagement Officer

Our Player Engagement Office is Holly Silvester.

Holly joined the band in 2018, a feat some said was not possible due to a mild hearing impairment, which she incurred after a routine visit to her favorite bubble tea store went horribly wrong. This change in fortune has helped Holly discover the dangers of tapioca, and lead to her charitable work with the Bubble Trouble Foundation.

Holly is currently studying to become a nurse. Nursing seems to have come naturally to Holly, with several members of her family being involved with various western suburbs garden and nursery suppliers.

Coincidentally, it was her hearing acquired impairment that was the catalyst for Holly to join our committee. Holly had thought the role of “Engagement Officer” was “Engagement Offer”. Thinking this was a fast track to marital bliss, Holly went in head first.

After some clarification, Holly has accepted her role as eternal spinster and now is in change of ensuring our members feel welcome and engaged in all our activities.

Holly no longer drinks bubble tea, but she continues with her daily struggle playing the alto sax.

Our Next Event
Major Concert 2024

We’re excited to announce our 2024 major concert will be held at 6pm on Saturday 22nd June at Encore Events Centre in Hoppers Crossing....