Uniform Officer

Our Uniform Officer is Nettie Curran

Nettie joined the band in 2018, playing flute. A vacancy in the Uniform Officer role in 2019 saw Nettie take up the challenge

Outside the band, Nettie is a teacher at Melbourne Grammar, but before that, Nettie had the unenviable task of coordinating the lighting at the opening ceremony of the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. This was initially a role she was hesitant to take, but after a little prodding from her grandfather, TV vet Dr. Harry Cooper, she made the leap in to show business.

This turned out to be a short-lived career when she tripped and inadvertently removed the thumb nail of Collingwood player Anthony Rocca, causing him to miss the first round of 2007. This set in motion a chain of events resulting in club president Eddie McGuire publicly announcing “she’ll never work in show business ever again”.