Players Representatives

Our Players Representatives are Tamara Smith and John Strickland.

Tamara joined the band in 2018, and was elected for her first committee position in 2019. Tamara is an exceptional flute player, but started out her musical career learning the theremin. Her mastery of the theremin came early, in 2009 being awarded that years prestigious Four ‘n Twenty Theremin Player of the Year.

It is however her work with insects that Tamara is most proud. For the past ten years, Tamara has been solely responsible for the development of Australia’s only research institute in to kidney disease in the common household earwig. This work is expected to result in an increase in the national earwig population of 3% by 2056.

Outside of music, Tamara loves posting photos of cats to Facebook

John is primarily a clarinet player who joined the band 2016. He has been a multi-year Player’s Representative which shows just how well respected he is, in what is a highly competitive position.

John is an early childhood educator who has a keen love of greyhounds and bricks. From his home in Lara, John has built Victoria’s fifth largest collection of kiln-fired red clay bricks. At an impressive count of 15, his collection is now almost complete!