Caitlin Matthews

One of our Musical Directors is Caitlin Matthews.

Caitlin has been a member of the Werribee Concert Band since 2007. She first started in the Training Band before rising to the challenge of the Senior Band. She plays Clarinet for the senior band and is the current Musical Director of the Werribee Concert Band Training Band.

From a young age Caitlin felt connected to music and began teaching herself how to read and play music. She later began taking professional Clarinet lessons and learning other instruments including Saxophone, Flute and Bass Guitar. She discovered that music was her passion and that it would forever be an important part of her life.

Caitlin studied music at Victoria University as part of a Bachelor of Arts degree, and later in a Masters of Teaching degree. Currently, she works as a Woodwind Instructor at a couple of schools, works for a number of music tutoring agencies, and runs her own private music lesson business in Melbourne’s west. Caitlin loves music, and cannot imagine her life without it.